How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a dynamic sandbox video game that has captured the imagination of millions of players around the world. One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft is the ability to tame and ride horses, which can aid in transportation, combat, and exploration.

However, the taming process can be challenging and requires careful preparation and execution. This article aims to provide aspiring Minecraft players with a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of taming horses.

Importance of Taming Horses in Minecraft

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

Before delving into the taming process, it is important to understand the benefits and advantages of taming horses in Minecraft. Tamed horses are faster and more agile than wild horses, making them ideal for transportation and exploration.

Furthermore, tamed horses can be used as combat companions, helping players to fend off hostile mobs and protect themselves and their structures.

Preparing for Taming

Before embarking on the journey of taming horses in Minecraft, it is essential to make the necessary preparations. This includes ensuring you have the required resources to successfully tame a horse. The primary items you will need are saddles and apples.

Saddles can be obtained through trading with villagers or by finding them in dungeon chests. They are essential for controlling and riding tamed horses. To obtain a saddle from a dungeon chest, players must explore underground dungeons and defeat any hostile mobs in their path. Once inside the dungeons, they can search for chests that may contain valuable items, including saddles.

Trading with villagers is also an effective way to acquire saddles. Players can locate villages in the game and interact with the resident villagers who may be willing to trade a saddle in exchange for specific items or resources. To increase the chances of success when taming horses, it is recommended to gather apples.

Apples can be obtained by breaking oak leaves or trading with farmers. Breaking oak leaves using a tool with the “shears” enchantment will yield a higher drop rate for apples.

Trading with farmers is another efficient method, as some farmers offer apples as part of their trade inventory. By having apples in your possession while attempting to tame a horse, you can increase the horse’s trust level more rapidly.

Identifying and Locating Horses

In the vast Minecraft world, horses can be found in plains biomes. These biomes typically consist of flat landscapes with ample grass and few trees. Horses are often found in small groups, making them easier to spot. When exploring plains biomes, keep an eye out for horse herds or individual horses roaming the area.

Different horse variations exist in Minecraft, each possessing unique attributes and colors. These variations include regular horses, donkeys, mules, skeleton horses, and zombie horses. Regular horses come in various colors, such as brown, black, or white, each with their own traits.

Donkeys and mules are similar to horses but have the added advantage of being able to carry items in a chest attached to their saddle. Skeleton and zombie horses, on the other hand, are obtained through specific in-game scenarios, such as lightning striking a tamed horse during a thunderstorm or finding them in rare structures.

Building Trust and Establishing a Connection

Building trust and establishing a connection with a wild horse is a crucial step before attempting to tame it. Horses have a trust level, indicated by the number of hearts displayed above their heads. The higher the trust level, the easier it becomes to tame the horse.

To increase a horse’s trust level, players must approach it slowly and avoid sudden movements that might startle the animal. This can be accomplished by crouching (shift key by default).

Slowly approach the horse from its side, offering it an apple as an initial gift. Feeding the horse apples helps build trust and increases the horse’s affection towards you.

While feeding the horse, you will notice heart particles above its head, indicating an increase in the trust level. Repeat this process multiple times to continue building trust. Eventually, as the horse’s trust level reaches its maximum, hearts will continuously appear above its head, signifying that it is now ready to be tamed.

Taming Process

To commence the taming process, players must mount the horse. First, ensure that you have an empty hand by pressing the number key corresponding to an empty slot in your hotbar. Approach the horse from its rear and jump onto its back by pressing the jump key (default: spacebar) while holding the sneak key (default: shift).

Once on the horse, the taming process begins. The horse may attempt to buck you off initially, which is indicated by the horse rearing back. Remain calm and hold on tightly, as this is a normal part of the taming process. It helps to continuously hold the sneak key (shift) while on the horse to maintain a firm grip.

As you stay on the horse, it may start to calm down and accept your presence. The more the horse accepts you, the longer it will allow you to stay on its back without bucking you off. Repeat the process of mounting and remaining on the horse until it has been fully tamed.

Be aware that taming horses can sometimes be a lengthy process, especially with more stubborn individuals. However, with patience, persistence, and continued interaction, you will eventually establish trust and tame the horse. Once tamed, you can proudly call it your own and enjoy the benefits of having a loyal companion in your Minecraft adventures.

Training and Riding Your Tamed Horse

After successfully taming a horse in Minecraft, players have the opportunity to further train and develop their horse’s skills. Training involves teaching the horse to perform various tasks, such as jumping over obstacles and navigating different types of terrain. This allows players to enhance their horse’s abilities and make them even more useful in their adventures.

To train a tamed horse, players can start by setting up a training course with obstacles like fences or blocks. By riding the horse through these obstacles and guiding them with reins, players can teach their horse to jump over hurdles and maneuver around challenging terrain.

With practice and repetition, the horse will become more proficient, making it easier for players to navigate the Minecraft world.

Additionally, players can control the speed of their horses by utilizing jumping. While riding the horse, players can press the spacebar to make the horse jump, which can affect its speed. For instance, if a player wants the horse to go faster, they can time their jumps to maintain momentum.

Horse Care and Maintenance

To ensure a healthy and happy horse in Minecraft, players need to take care of their tamed horse’s needs. Regular feeding is an essential aspect of horse care.

Players should regularly provide their horses with food like apples to keep them healthy and maintain their trust level. Feeding apples to a tamed horse also helps them regain health if they have been injured during adventures.

In addition to feeding, horse breeding is another important aspect of horse care. By breeding tamed horses, players can create unique offspring with desirable characteristics and traits. This allows players to further expand their collection of horses and potentially obtain horses with higher jump attributes or increased speed.

Protecting the horse from hostile mobs is also crucial for their well-being. Players should ensure that their tamed horse is kept away from dangerous situations or areas where they could be attacked. Equipping the horse with armor, such as horse armor obtained from crafting or looting, can significantly increase their defensive capabilities and safeguard them from harm.

Advanced Horse Taming Techniques

For experienced players seeking more unique and rare horse variations in Minecraft, there are advanced horse-taming techniques to explore. Some of these include obtaining the skeleton horse or the zombie horse, which offer distinctive appearances and characteristics.

Skeleton horses can be found in the game after a lightning strike hits a horse in a thunderstorm. Once located, players can approach and tame them using similar methods as with regular horses. Skeleton horses have a distinct appearance, with their skeleton-like structure and glowing eyes, which add a touch of intrigue to their presence.

Zombie horses, on the other hand, can only be obtained through a rare encounter. They have a zombified appearance and exhibit unique zombie-like behaviors. While taming zombie horses can be challenging due to their hostile nature, it is possible with a combination of patience, preparation, and the right approach.

In addition to obtaining rare variations, advanced players can also breed horses selectively to create offspring with specific attributes or characteristics. By carefully choosing which horses to breed and considering their traits, players can produce unique and powerful horses that excel in various aspects, such as speed, jump height, or even stamina.

Mastering these advanced horse-taming techniques allows players to have a diverse and impressive collection of horses, enhancing their overall gameplay experience and providing new opportunities for exploration and adventure in the vast Minecraft world.


Taming horses in Minecraft can be a rewarding and exciting experience for players of all levels. By following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide, players can successfully tame and ride horses, thereby increasing their efficiency and enjoyment of the game.

With patience, practice, and perseverance, players can master the art of taming horses in Minecraft and take their gameplay to the next level.

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